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You can judge the greatness of a nation by how they care for their animals!

Mobile Dog Grooming, Pet Sitting & Pet Care with a sensitive touch

Paws n Tails is a Mobile Pet Care service based in the Pretoria area that specializes in Bathing and Dipping pets, Grooming and Cutting and Pet Sitting. We carry all the necessary equipment with us so that we don't have to take any of your pets out of the environment in which they are most comfortable. Our mobile pet care equipment consists of a variety of different bath sizes, grooming sets, dipping agents, dog and cat shampoos, brushes, towels and other pet care products. The only thing that I would require from the premises is you pet and water.

Attending to your dogs, cats and other pets with love, care and patience

Paws n Tails has a well earned reputation for attending to your dogs, cats and other pets with love, care and patience. We invariably leave your pets with their tails wagging and in a playful mood; owners are consistently amazed at the extent to which their beloved pets are stimulated and contented after a pet care session with us.

Your pets grooming and well being is our passion

We at Paws n Tails have a passion for the wellbeing of dogs, cats and other household pets and we firmly believe that there is much more to pet care than simple cleaning, grooming and dipping. These animals form an integral part of many families and, being the intelligent creatures that they are, are invariably sensitive to our emotions and attitudes. This can often be misunderstood and our pet's well being is often taken for granted.

Our passion and commitment to the wellbeing of dogs, cats and other household pets makes us ideally suited to attend to all your pets grooming, cleaning, dipping, bathing, transportation and sitting needs.